Kakinada Industrial Park offerings

Best-in-class facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure brought together to form an industrial hub at Kakinada.

Industrial Plots (on Lease)

Base offering of industrial plots based on the company requirement with a 99 year lease and utilities

Readily Built Factories (RBF)

Factories built with standard specifications ready for occupation and operation

Built to Suit (BTS)

Specified area to be developed based on tenant specifications

Master Plan

  • The Master Plan has been developed by renowned and skilled planners of Mahindra Consulting Engineers
  • Phase-1 Development - KIP has earmarked 916 acres for Phase-1 development and on ground essential infrastructure has been developed
  • Environment clearance is available for setting up various industries


Major Arterial Roads

  • Bharatmala Road, Existing Beach Road abutting the site and the port is being widened to a 4 lane road under the Bharatmala program. This connects the site to NH-16 at Annavaram resulting in seamless connectivity to the hinterland
  • A 11 Km, 50m wide road connecting KIP to NH-216 is planned

Primary Roads

  • Phase-1 area consists of black topped roads for connectivity within the KIP as well as to the adjoining beach road for cargo evacuation
  • Proposal to connect KIP to the port with a 30m wide road, which is under design and development stage


  • Power Substations are in place within the KIP so as to supply uninterrupted quality power to the customers
  • Government of Andhra Pradesh has approved 400/220/132/33 kV Sub-Station


  • A State-of-the-art RO Water treatment plant has been commissioned for supply of industrial grade water for various units
  • 50 MLD (Million Litres Per Day) of fresh water allocation from river Godavari is made available for industrial requirements within the KIP as a part of the State Support Agreement
  • 450 MLD of water is planned to be supplied from the long term source of Polavaram/ Yeleru reservoir.


  • Kakinada Industrial Park (KIP) Ltd has signed an MoU with Andhra Pradesh Gas Development Corporation (APGDC) on 9th Oct 2018 for supplying piped gas for Commercial & Industrial Use.
  • Allocation of 2 MMSCMD (Million Metric Standard Cubic Meter Per Day) is made available by APGDC for industrial consumers of Kakinada Industrial Park (KIP) Ltd. The pipeline to the industrial units will be laid by APGDC.

Sewage Treatment

  • Sewage treatment will be done for individual units. Kakinada Industrial Park (KIP) Ltd is considering the development of a Common Sewage Treatment plant based on the client requirements.

Treated Effluent Marine Disposal

  • 5 MLD Treated Effluent Marine disposal is planned for Treated Effluent into the Sea.


  • An In-Zone deep draft Greenfield Commercial Port is planned with a capacity of 16 Million Tonnes in Phase-1 which will be able to handle various commodities like coal, general bulk cargo and containers. The draft of the Port is planned to be (17.5 m).
  • Environment Clearance has been obtained for the Port

Land & Soil Condition

  • Kakinada Industrial Park (KIP) offers large contiguous parcels of land possessing adequate soil strength (Soil bearing capacity of 17 Tonne / Sq m) , which plays a crucial role in optimizing the cost of construction for large structures.

Facilities & Services

  • Black Top Roads
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • 33 kV Substation
  • Readily Built Factory
  • Administrative Building
  • 24 x 7 Common Security
  • Recruitment Support
  • Skill Training Support

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